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Adequate Procedures Best Practice Handbook

This Adequate Procedures Best Practice Handbook was developed to complement the existing Guidelines on Adequate Procedures published by the Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia in December 2018. This handbook is intended to assist commercial organisations in understanding what is required for the adequate procedures in more detail, based on industry practices that can be implemented to help prevent the occurrence of corrupt practices.


The Guidelines were structured on the basis of five ‘TRUST’ principles which may be used as reference points for the anti-corruption programme implemented by the company: 

4.1 Top Level Commitment

4.2 Risk Assessment

4.3 Undertake Control Measures

4.4 Systematic Review, Monitoring and Enforcement

4.5 Training and Communication

The Guidelines were designed to be high-level rather than detailed and prescriptive, suitable for any size of company while leaving room for adaption and innovation by individual enterprises. This new handbook is designed to help companies achieve that end, using the experience of those directly involved in setting up and running anti-corruption systems for Malaysian companies.

Please provide us your email address in the space below. The link to download the Handbook for free-of-charge will be emailed to you. 

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